About Jesse Hieb Productions

Jesse Hieb Productions is a film production company focused on helping brands tell their stories through visual media. We work with some of the most incredible film professionals in the world to bring your stories to life. We focus on emotional storytelling that makes people feel something so that they act accordingly. 

We are a full service production company. That means we can create any type of content that requires the use of cinematography, photography, animation and more. Our staff is fully equipped to take on any project from a 30 second commercial on television, a two minute brand film, to a feature length documentary. 

Jesse Hieb Productions doesn't stop there. Many of our clients often times don't have a clear understanding of how to distribute their video content. That is where we can really help. Before ever creating your content we will work with you to understand what platform you are creating content for and how best to make sure people see the content we create for your company or organization. We aren't a social media agency but we play in that world so we understand how to create appropriate content for it.

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